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eCommerce Order Fulfillment

You Sell, We Ship

We specialize in Domestic E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

We ship your orders out for you. Our dedicated team ensures your customers satisfaction.

Easy Integration

Our shipping software seamlessly integrates with Shopify and many other programs.

Same-Day Shipping

We are... Ultra-fast, your orders will ship within 24 hours from our fulfillment center in California.

We support all Shipping Carriers

We have discounted rates with our preferred carrier: USPS. However we always work with you to find the best carrier with the lowest rate for your stores shipping needs!


Subject to change based on your specific product and needs!


1 Order Shipped
1 Additional Item
1 Order Inserts*
1 Returned Order
One-Time Setup
Store Connection**

Every package shipped will also have a carrier postage fee that will be paid to the carrier and then itemized on your monthly bill. 

*Order Inserts: Any card, brochure, invoice, or other pack-in item anything that is sent with every order. (Usually promotional-materials)

**Store Connection: Billed monthly as part of Shopify app monthly billing. First Month Free. (Other shopping carts may vary)


Small Bin - 7x4x4
Medium Bin - 20x14x5
Large Bin - 26x16x14
XL Bin - 26x26x26
1 Item Received*
Inventory Input Optional**

Storage Bins are Billed Monthly. 1 single SKU number per storage bin, variations will need seperate bins to ensure your orders are packed correctly. 

*1 Item Received: When your bulk shipment arrives warehouse we will charge a Package Receiving fee of $0.30 per item OR $10.00 whichever is higher. (Fee can be reduced based on your volume) If inventory needs to be re-marked (Color/Size etc.) there will be a 33% increase to the fee.

**Inventory Input: This fee is Per-Item. We can input inventory into your store for you, or you can do it yourself we will need a staff account to make the changes to your stores stock levels.

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"Switched from Dropshipping and it was the best decision ever."
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